Learn all about how to use the BePrepared Platform.

Getting Started - Signing Up

To set up your vault, go to your email account and find the email from your provider with the subject line ‘Action Needed’.

Open this email, and then click on the complete button.

Your internet browser will open, and your digital vault will begin downloading to your computer.

Once the vault is downloaded, click this file to install the vault.

Then return to your browser and click the get started button. You will be prompted to open the app.

Confirm your phone number, then choose a password, and some security questions.

Your vault is now set up and you’re ready to begin

When setting up your digital vault, one of the most crucial parts is adding people you wish to receive your digital assets. We call these people ‘recipients’.

To add a recipient, open the application and click on the people tab to the left side of your screen.

Next click on the new person button near the top of the window.

Enter in your intended recipients name, email address, phone number and any other pertinent details.

If you’d like this person to be a confidant (meaning we’ll require their confirmation of your death before releasing any data) click the toggle button next to ‘confidant’.

When you’re done, click create and save.

It is recommended you let people know (especially confidants) when you have assigned them data.

To inform your recipient, click persons name, and then click the ‘invite’ button.

Your Digital Vault has a number of built in file types to help you upload and store your data effectively & securely.

These types include:

* Passwords

* Cryptocurrency

* Dependents

* Pets

* Bills

* Emails

* Documents

It is recommended that you use these templates when adding specific types of data to ensure that all the required and pertinent information relevant to each is included for your recipients.

To add any of these types of data, navigate to the storage tab on the left side of the window.

Here, hover your mouse on the ‘add new’ button, and then select the type of file you wish to add from the dropdown menu.

You can also create folders to help organise your data if you’d like.

All template data is added using a simple 1, 2, 3 step process.

In step 1, fill out as many fields as possible. You can also attach any helpful files and leave instructions.

Once you’ve added as much data as you can, click on the next button.

In step 2, select which group or individuals you’d like to receive this item.

In step 3, you can choose to move where this item is stored in your vault if needed.

When you’re done, simply click create and save.

You can upload almost any type of file from your computer into your digital vault.

To upload a file, navigate to the storage tab on the left side of the window and click on it.

Here you will see the contents of your digital vault.

To upload an item, simply click on the upload button at the top.

An upload dialogue box will appear.

You can either click click on this box, or drag a file in.

Once a file is placed here, it will be encrypted & uploaded to your vault.

Once the file has finished uploading, as indicated by the loading icon, click on it once and click the edit button to change who will receive it.

Creating Folders Creating folders is a great way to organise your data, and also assign it in bulk (sometimes it’s easier to put all your data in a folder and assign that folder to a person, than assign 24 items individually to a person). To create a folder, open the application and navigate to the storage tab on the left. Once you’ve clicked on the storage tab, hover your mouse on the ‘add new’ button, and select the folder option at the very bottom of the list. Enter a name for your folder and click create. You can now single click on a folder to edit it and assign it to groups or individuals. You can double click on a folder or click on it’s name to open the folder.
You can make data in your vault available to recipients while you’re still alive. This is useful for certain types of data (such as care instructions for your pet, or powers of attorney) where it may be needed immediately should something happen to you. To make an item always available – click on the item, and toggle the ‘always available’ button. It will be immediately vieweable by the recipients you have assigned the file too. You can always remove access by un-toggling the switch.
If someone has left you items, and their death has been verified, you can access this data via your vault. To see the data that has been left to you, open the vault application and click on the inbox tab on the left hand side of your window. Here you will see people that have left you data. Click on the deceased individual and a window will open display the data you’ve been assigned.